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Sightech Vision Systems Unveils Latest Version

Of Industry's Only Self-Learning Machine Vision Systems



PC-Eyebots new features include more connectivity, statistical reporting, barcode- reading capabilities and graphs generated from multiple inspection locations.



San Jose, California, May 17, 2005 Sightech Vision Systems, manufacturer of the Eyebot family of machine vision inspection products that do not require any programming because of self-learning technology, will demonstrate the new features in the latest version of PC-Eyebot in Booth 406 at Vision Show West 2005 in San Jose, May 17 -19.


PC-Eyebot is Sightech's next generation Machine Vision System that runs on a small industrial size PC form factor.  Using an enhanced and improved version of the patented machine vision algorithms in standard Eyebot technology, PC-Eyebot is more powerful than previous versions, sensitive to even smaller defects, including colors and textures, and has more features and vision parameter settings. PC-Eyebot also boasts many new features that aid in integration, such as LAN-based production statistics reporting, and make it possible for multiple PC-Eyebots to report to one PC to generate statistical report graphs.


PC-Eyebot works by using a massive feature-based protocol that processes up to 12 million features per second in order to perform high-quality inspections. As a result, it can train on good parts or products or easily identify the absence or presence of parts or products in a matter of seconds for manufacturing applications including bio-med, automotive, labeling, packaging, surgical tools and other products.


"Only Sightech's patented Neuro-RAM algorithm learns to inspect products just by looking at them. The latest version of PC-Eyebot is able to identify many more problems that are impossible for competitor's systems to identify and delivers significant reporting advantages, " said Art Gaffin, CEO, CTO of Sightech.


PC-Eyebot uses standard commercial technologies to offer extensive connectivity and integration with external systems, including LAN, USB, Firewire/1394, Serial LPT and a wide variety of camera types.


Customers with complex vision application needs or who must use standard hardware or PC technologies for maintenance and support purposes will also benefit from PC-Eyebot's other enhancements, such as:

Expandable memory

Three level decisions:  good, bad, marginal

External relay inputs or Digital I/O


More flexible area and regional definition and settings





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