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Sightech Announces Strategic Partnership with PECO Controls

PECO Controls’ LabelScan Inspection Systems Now Feature

Sightech’s PC-Eyebot Self-learning Machine Vision Technology


August 13, 2007 — San Jose, CA — Sightech Vision Systems, Inc., the pioneer of self-learning vision systems, announces that it has formed a strategic partnership with PECO Controls, a provider of no-touch sensing for bottlers, fillers and packagers. As part of this relationship, PECO’s new LabelScan™ Label Inspection Systems will incorporate Sightech’s PC-Eyebot™ Machine Vision Technology.

The PC-Eyebot enables PECO’s LabelScan to “learn” proper label location and quality by assembling a statistical model of the target and comparing each product image to the model. Equipped with multiple cameras, the PC-Eyebot can simultaneously scan for a variety of defects, including skewed labels on the product’s neck, front and back, flaps in the neck label, incorrect or low fill levels, and incorrect lot codes. The PC-Eyebot then consolidates the information from the inspected areas and quickly makes a single PASS/FAIL decision for every can or bottle.

“LabelScan operators have a difficult job. If they reject too many products, productivity drops. If they let too many skewed labels slip by, quality suffers. Fortunately, the PC-Eyebot makes the hard choices for them.” said Sightech CEO Art Gaffin.


Gaffin notes that PECO’s LabelScan is used by the market leader in spreads, peanut butter and other beverage and food products, and by the third largest dry grocery brand in the U.S. “That one of the premier companies in the labeling industry has chosen to partner with us says a lot about the quality of our PC-Eyebot,” he said.



About PECO Controls

Founded in 1953, PECO Controls developed the first inductive can sensor. Since that time, PECO Controls has continued to develop systems with no-touch sensing for bottlers, fillers and packagers. Recognized for its innovation, PECO offers a complete line of process and line control sensors, modules, containers stops and diverters. More information about the company can be found at or by calling 510-226-6686.


About Sightech Vision Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1983, Sightech is an innovator of self-learning vision systems for quality inspection and factory automation. Unlike other similar technologies, Sightech’s products rely entirely on self-learning – that is, artificial intelligence built on a series of powerful algorithms. Sightech’s customers include Unilever, Sylvania, IBM and Proctor & Gamble, and more. More information about the company can be found at or by calling 408-282-3770.