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Sightech to Unveil PC-Eyebot2 Self-Learning Vision System for Wide Variety of Inspection Applications at ATX West 2007


New PC-Eyebot2 Features Automatic Learning and Decision Sensitivity Management, Dual Cameras for Maximum Quality Control; Show Attendees Encouraged to Bring Product Samples to Booth 4505 for

On-Site Demo of Label Inspection


San Jose, CA — February 13, 2007 — Sightech Vision Systems, Inc., a pioneer of self-learning machine vision systems, will unveil its new PC-Eyebot2 vision system in Booth #4505 at ATX West 2007 in Anaheim, Calif., February 13-15, 2007.  The PC-Eyebot family of systems is Sightech’s complete turnkey solution designed for a wide variety of inspection applications, including automotive, dairy, produce, pharmaceutical, biomedical, fill lines, canning, packaging, electronics, semiconductor, and process monitoring.

Sightech’s new PC-Eyebot2 contains enhanced features to enable manufacturers to improve the quality of the label application process on canned and bottled products while maintaining a streamlined manufacturing floor.

“We invite attendees to come by Booth 4505 to see firsthand how self-learning machine vision can help boost productivity and quality control,” said Art Gaffin, CEO/CTO of Sightech. “We’re so confident in our technology that we encourage them to bring their own product samples for on-the-fly demonstrations.”

Through its new automatic self-learning management, the PC-Eyebot2  provides continuous ‘learning’ and ‘forgetting,’ thus holding the most relevant label inspection data in a prime position. This increases system accuracy and improves quality control.

PC-Eyebot2’s new automatic decision sensitivity management also increases accuracy and quality by internally monitoring the standard deviation of bottle and can images. This allows the system to automatically adjust its decision threshold, improving quality control and preventing the system from indiscriminately rejecting an excessive number of bottles or cans.

By improving both learning and sensitivity, PC-Eyebot becomes an operator’s partner, helping to reduce the incidence of an operator ‘shutting down’ the label inspection process.


Dual camera sees ‘both sides’

To enable inspection of both sides of a bottle or can, the PC-Eyebot2 features dual cameras. This dual-camera capability enables manufacturers to dramatically improve label quality – without running bottles or cans through twice or purchasing additional equipment.

“Improperly adhered labels reflect poorly on a manufacturer,” Gaffin said. “That’s why it’s important to maintain a high level of quality control. However, for there to be success, the inspection tool a manufacturer selects must be a help – not a hindrance – to the operator actually working the line. We understand this delicate balance, and that’s why we continuously enhance PC-Eyebot family of products to be a true partner for labeling integrity.”

Other features of the new PC-Eyebot2 include increased inspection speed – up to 1,800 parts per minute (PPM) – and the ability to use strobes and triggers, which helps maintain image consistency. In addition, PC-Eyebot2 includes a 40-gigabyte internal hard drive, allowing management to visually see what sorts of labeling problems occur most. This feature can be turned on or off, depending on a manufacturer’s requirements.

The PC-Eyebot2 can also control up to eight external devices, thus increasing a manufacturer’s ability to inspect products based on various grades of rejection. This new feature is ideal for products other than labels, such as produce or dry goods, which require various levels of grading during inspection.


About Sightech Vision Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1983, Sightech is a pioneer of innovative self-learning vision systems for quality inspection and factory automation. Unlike similar technologies, Sightech’s products rely entirely on self-learning – that is, artificial intelligence built on a series of powerful algorithms. Some of Sightech’s customers include Unilever, Sylvania, IBM and Proctor & Gamble. More information about the company can be found at or by calling 408-282-3770.