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PC-Eyebot Examples Index

Take a look at the index below and follw the links to explore the feature and functions of your choice.

Feature or Function

Video Example

Pattern and Texture Processing Pattern tutorial
Fixtured and Non-Fixtured Modes Mechanical part demo
Fish inspection demo
Multiple processing areas — concurrent multiprocessing Fish inspection demo
Training process, timing Container tutorial
Training Process sensitivity Pattern turtorial
Variable lighting accommodate Mechanical part demo
Clutter and background removal Weed abatement demo
Selectable sensitivity Pattern tutorial
Container tutorial
Coloration — color/shape gradients Weed abatement demo
Fish inspection demo
Processing Area shape — for throughput, avoid triggering Mechanical part demo
Pass/Fail Inspection Mechanical part demo
Pattern tutorial
Present/Absent Recognize Weed abatement demo
Feature development --find, emphasize Container tutorial
Pattern tutorial
Reflectivity and shape handling Container tutorial
Noise reduction techniques Container tutorial


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