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APPLICATION - Light Bulb Inspection

This example shows a recently validated light bulb inspection installation at OSRAM Sylvania. This example shows an operating automated inspection of light bulb reflectors of flood lights using the sensitive color detection capabilities of the PC-Eyebot. As a result, Sylvania is able to strictly monitor any deviation from the desired reflector color.


While many were other vision systems were looked at, but PC-Eyebot was the only vision system that could meet the challenging demands of this application. This is a good example of what can be impossible for other vision is actually very easy and straignt-forward with trainable vision technology.

The bulbs below show what, in part, is being detected. The left image shows an OK reflector while the image on the right shows a very very slight bluish cast. PC-Eyebot can detect the most subtle spectral shifts from the norm - so subtle it is difficult to inspect by eye. And, importantly, the very complex spectral norm was self-learned in a matter of minutes. The strict quality standards in force on this line require that this bulb be ejected.

Example of Good Bulb Reflector Example of Reflector with Bluish Cast
light bulb inspection media inspection operators and designers
Vision System Observes from Below light bulb station closup view

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