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APPLICATION - Flood Light Lens Epoxy Inspection

During the manufacture of flood lights, the lens is secured onto the base of a flood light with epoxy. To insure quality, this epoxy must be inspected. This application checks for missing epoxy as well as epoxy that voilates the center region of the bulb. The 1st row, below, shows a good epoxy application. The 2nd row shows missing epoxy - note that it is detected. The 3rd row shows epoxy that is too far into the center region - the BLUE highlight indicates detection.


This application uses our powerful spectrum mode to differentiate the gray epoxy from all other colors and graylevels present. Separating it out this way, allows effective inspection for different criteria.


The bulb below on the right shows a small break in the epoxy seal of the lens. It is important that this lamp is ejected.

Good Flood Lamp Epoxy Break in Flood Lamp Epoxy

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