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Sightech is the global leader for providing self-learning machine vision solutions for demanding production applications in industries such as: automotive, dairy, produce, pharmaceutical, biomedical, fill lines, canning, packaging, electronics, semiconductor, and process monitoring.

Sightech is the first to bring advanced artificial intelligence, in theory and practice, to everyday uses. Our patented approach to machine vision is intuitive, fast to implement, flexible, and very powerful. We provide solutions where many others cannot.

Our products offer ease-of-use along with powerful and fast inspection ability.

  light bulb inspection media

New!! PC-Eyebot Examples Index

See examples of how PC-Eyebot solves applications:

Trainable Vision Demonstrates Process Monitoring - Inspection of a Spray
Trainable Vision Inspects for Mechanical Dimensionality
Self-Learning Vision can Detect and Verify Loosely placed Parts in a Biomedical Tray
Example of using Trainable Vision to Inspect Texture Paterns or Fibers for Defects
Example Tutorial on using Trainable Vision for the Inspection of a Reflective Cylindrical Container
Example of using Self-Learning Vision for Mechanical Part Inspection
Weed Detection for Selective Spraying - Vision for Agriculture

Check out some of our application examples in action!

Krones Compatible 360 Degree Wraparound Canning and Bottling Container/Label Inspection
Bottled Water - Check Fluid Level, Missing Caps, Tamper Seal and Defective Cap Position
Water Bottle Inspection - Missing Lot Codes and Missing or Misplaced Labels
Trainable Vision easily detects Protruding Fruit, Damaged Packaging, and Label Defects
Artificially Intelligent Vision System Easily Senses Absense of a Straws Placed on Side of Cans
EASY TO USE Vision System sees Bottle Caps that are One Quarter Turn Loose
Intelligent Vision uses Multiple Areas to Detect Misplaced Surgical Tools
EASY TO INSTALL General Canning and Bottling Container/Label Inspection
TRAINABLE Vision reduces Pipette Inspection Setup to TWO SIMPLE STEPS
Trainable Machine Vision good for LEAK DETECTION in pressurized vessels
Produce Inspection - Detecting Contaminants in Tomatoes
Automated Light Bulb Reflector Inspection at OSRAM Sylvania
Flood Light Lens Epoxy Inspection of Multiple Criteria
HD Process Monitoring - Bottle Cap - Produce Inspection at The Vision Show 2005
Semiconductor SMT Components Sorting and Inspection
Packaging Inspection Raison Box
Semiconductor Inspection Hard Drive
Dairy and Produce Sorting Egg Breaking
Fruit Produce Sorting Walnuts
Container Label Inspection Oil Bottle
Electronics Automated LCD Cutting Inspection for Defects
Medical Pharmaceutical Laboratory Inspection Pipettes
Semiconductor Integrated Cuircuts Inspection BGA
Container Label Placement Inspection Powder Bottles


Information on using PC-Eyebot for demanding Vision Applications:

PC-Eyebot Tutorial - It takes Billions of Pixels per second to evaluate the Neuro-RAM Hierarchies
Vision Tutorial - Real World Objects - Just Like Animals See Them
Vision Tutorial - Heirarchies and Neuro-RAM Decisionmaking
PC-Eyebot Turorial - Learning Modes Explained - Feature Types and Sizes
PC-Eyebot Turorial - Learning Modes Explained - Feature Fixtured Modes
PC-Eyebot Turorial - Learning Modes Explained - Feature Memory Options
Vision Turorial - How Intelligent Systems View the World
Vision Tutorial - PC-Eyebot vs Frame Grabbers
Vision Tutorial - Good Applications for PC-Eyebot
PC-Eyebot Tutorial - Control - Serial Port Commands


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