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Applications - Bottled Water - Check Fluid Level, Missing Caps, Tamper Seal and Defective Cap Position

Bottled Water requires several important automated checks to insure quality: Missing caps, broken tamper seals, improper cap position, unacceptable fluid level, presence of lot code, missing label and defective label position. In this example, we use trainable vision to inspect the cap and fluid level.

water bottles - check for fluid level and cap position water bottle needs to be inspected for several different things
Running: Detecting improper cap position, damaged tamper seal and a low fluid level. (above) The desire to only produce the upmost in quality, automated inspection for a range of potential defects is important. PC-Eyebot offers the benifits of easy setup, intuitive operation, and powerful inspection ability. (above)
Step 1 - Setup 2 Areas - one for the cap and one for the fluid level check Step 2: Train on OK bottles

Step 1 - Setup: Place two Areas - ne to inspect the cap (upper), and one to inspect the fluid level (lower). Light bottles from behind - note how the lighting and camera placement turns the water in the bottle opaque. (above)

Step 2 - Learn: Simultaneously train both Areas on several good bottles. If the fluid level is sloshing, then train on that condition as well. (above)
Step 2: Run - Defect: Missing cap Defect: Quarter turn loose cap - Low fluid level
Step 3 Run: Detects missing cap. The fluid level is OK. (above) Detects one-quarter turn loose cap - even before the tamper seal is broken! The lower Area is signaling that the fluid level is lower than the trained standard. (above)
Defect: Damaged tamper seal Defect: Low fluid level
Detects a highly misplaced cap. Fluid level is OK. (above) Cap is OK, but fluid level is somewhat low. PC-Eyebot calculates a score for each Area and this Score (0 to 99.99) corresponds to how drastic the defect is. So, for the fluid level check, a small Score, such as 20.00, indicates a nearly correct fluid level, but a large Score indicates a severely incorrect fluid level. (above)
We have shown several important things:
1) Simultaneous inspection tasks - each with its own Area and settings
2) Easily checks fluid level, missing cap, tamper seal, and cap position in general
3) Quickly trains in seconds, intuitive operation
4) Combines decisions from both Areas to make a consolidated decision

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