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What kind of data can be output by the Eyebot?

A  Score indicating the severity of the defect. The more severe the defect, the higher the Score.  There are also four relays which can switch 5 amps at 120VAC or 30VDC. These relays can be set to output 3 conditions: PASS/MARGINAL/FAIL or PRESENT/MARGINAL/ABSENT.

Is the function access to the system also possible through e.g. a serial communication port or parallel I/O control instead of manual selection through the front panel selector-switch?

Yes, all the commands are available thru the DB-9 (serial) RS-232 port. A complete list of all the commands is in the PC-Eyebot Manual under Documentation.

Do you have any program that runs on PC that can link with Eyebot? Can you get the status from Eyebot and control it via a PC?

Yes. See the Documentation for details. 

To manage Eyebot through a PC, you may use Procomm or any terminal emulation program. We use version 2.4.2 (current version is 4.5, and costs $129). You need to hook Eyebot through the serial port. Eyebot works at 4.8k baud. Full duplex. No parity. 

Is the relay output of Eyebot compatible to a PLC controller. (0-24volts)?

Yes. It's a relay output sends a signal of 5 Amps at 120VAC or 30VDC. It's very flexible. 

Is it true that it is possible to load on the PC more than 8 acquisitions and afterwards call them for any necessity?

Yes, you can have save hundreds of products and later call up the one you want.



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