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pass fail inspection indicator
TheSealCheck inspects heat seals
LabelScan by Peco Controls uses PC-Eyebot Technology

PC-Eyebot - Quality Is Our Vision

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Eyebot's powerful new built-in artificial intelligence unlocks new frontiers of vision applications.

Our new TheSealCheck™ can 'see' and inspect thermal footprints from heat sealers that are invisible to the human eye. Our patented TheSealCheck™ makes sure your shipped product is properly sealed!


Sightech's Eyebot products are the only vision systems with advanced technology that can inspect products in seconds JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM - all with no programming. Today's manufacturing environment demands smart, fast and efficient inspection. Sightech's Neuro-RAM technology can learn up to 13 million features per second - without complex user software - thereby delivering superior automated quality inspection.

Why Choose Trainable Vision?

Continuing to develop more powerful capabilities, Sightech has created powerful new learning and inspection modes - two important ones are Texture and Coloration.

Texture learning is perfect for fiber or fabric inspection - where the products have natural variations. Sightech's learning technology easily learns these variations.

Coloration is an important addition to Sightech's learning arsenal. This mode learns and inspects the 'Shape of Color', which is a large step beyond Spectrum-based inspection. With Coloration, Sightech has added material detection capabilities that were never available before. Applications include detecting foreign materials in produce such as tomatoes, parsley, olives, etc., detecting the presence/absence of leads in pencils, advanced bio-medical pathology, etc.

Where is Sightech Located?

News and Events


08.13.07 Sightech Announces Strategic Partnership with PECO Controls

07.03.07 U.S. Technology features article on its Front Page:  "Self-Learning Vision Systems Automatically Adjust Parameters" by Sightech's CEO, Art Gaffin

11.10.05 "Shape of Color" from Sightech PC Eyebot adds new dimension to inspection automation

09.14.05 PC-Eyebot used for contaminant inspection by identifying bubbles of any type, size, location, shape, or orientation.

08.30.05 Sightech Vision Systems, Inc. announces availability of their new "texture" inspection mode on PC Eyebot.

08.23.05 Vision Systems Design Article - "Vision and neural nets inspect disk platters" - Sightech technology used at IBM facilities for automated process monitoring

News and Events

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